Our Seamstresses



Languages spoken ... 

Bahasa, English

The country you were born in ...


Favourite food ...

Indonesia has some of the most famous foods in the world. Fried rice, satay, rendang (tender meats with sauce on it) and sambal chillies. I like everything! Soto Ayam -chicken soup/ broth, noodles, sprouts and Mie Paksit Meatballs - noodles and meatballs. I prefer to eat them every week!

Favourite thing you like to make ...

I like to be creative in making home decor, clothes, wedding dresses and art in fashion.

Why do you like working at Second Stitch?

I love to be around the Second Stitch community, and to be part of the growth of the studio. I also enjoyed being around creative people and a lovely team.

I love my happy customers with smiles, and I love the beautiful Second Stitch studio.

What experience did you have working in textiles before you came to Australia?

As a sewing, textile and production student, I was given the opportunity to work on a large-scale school uniform production, as a paid apprentice.

I also worked as a casual seamstress (made to order). It has been a long journey as a casual dressmaker. I continued to have a clothing-making business and I was in charge of several workers. We produced uniforms for companies, government and political institutions, evening dresses, costumes, dance clothes, etc.

I previously studied at University: a Bachelors Degree in Economics Management. I used that knowledge to boost the business and develop it into a bridal boutique.

As I have studied fashion design, I used my knowledge of fashion design to design wedding dresses and fashion (at the request of the models and fashion show competitors). I won 12 trophies. For the best performer, the best design, the best costume and dress. I was also honoured to become a judge in the fashion competition.

My business continued and developed as a haberdashery and laundry business owner, where everything relates to the clothing industry business.

What would be your dream job?