Do you want to get involved with us here at Second Stitch, but are unsure how? Why don't you volunteer!
How to become a Volunteer
Getting involved with volunteering (if for extra curricular activities or just for a bit of fun) is a great way to become a part of the Second Stitch family. For a small studio, there's always a bunch of work to be done, and there are many ways your time and skills can assist us. Sewing and textile mentorship is a key part of what we do at Second Stitch, but if you're not a sewer, never fear! Take a look at the other ways you can get involved:
  • Studio All Rounder: Help sort donations or pack online orders.
  • Are you multilingual? Perhaps you want to practice your language skills and help translate classes or workshops.
  • Lead a Demonstration: Do you have a particular artistic or textile based skill that you could demonstrate to our staff and students? 
  • Photography/film making: Help us document the projects that we work on with gorgeous pictures or videos. 
  • Writer: Have a go drafting content for our website, or even write pieces for publication. 
  • Open Seam: Mentor students in sewing and pattern making during our free community sewing day 'Open Seam'.
If you can think of other skills you can share with us, don't be afraid to ask!
Fill out the following form for all of your volunteer enquiries.
We hope to see you in the studio soon! 
Volunteer Enquiry

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