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We love second chances

Choosing to repair your clothes means less fabric in landfill and employment for our seamstresses. Our Alterations lab employs and is a training ground for our students, overseen by professional mentors. We repair old friends or alter new ones the way you want them.

Second Stitch, Online sustainable clothing store



Drop by our alterations lab and talk to a seamstress. 


All jobs are categorised based on complexity and assigned to one of our in-house seamstresses. 


Some repairs are worked on by Industry Mentors, while our students in training get to observe and learn the process. 

Ready for pickup!

We will send you a text message to come collect your mended items.

Second Stitch

Service Menu

Our prices have been calculated based on the time that it takes to complete a job, and the Australian Award rate for Textile Workers. 

Below is a guide. The final price will be determined by the complexity of the job.  

Pants & Jeans starting from

Take Up Hem $30

Replace Fly Zip - $45 - $50

Waistband Adjustments $50

Replace Elastic Waistband $30

Tailor Inner and Outer Seams $40

Jackets & Coats

Take Up Cuffs without button $90

Take Up Cuffs with button $150

Full Lining Replacement $250

Zip Replacement $65-75

Dresses & Skirts

Take Up Hem starts at $30-$50

Shorten Straps $30

Replace Zip $40

Waistband Adjustments $40

Replace Elastic Waistband $25

Tailor Inner and Outer Seams $40


Darn Holes (Knits) $15

Patch Holes (wovens) $20

Reinforce/Replace Buttons $3 per button

Repair Blind Hem $20

Crotch Hole $30+

Shirts & Tops

Shorten Sleeve with Cuffs $85

Shorten Sleeve without Cuffs $30

Take Up Hem $40

Adjust Sleeve Head $30

Business Shirt Collar Flip $30

Tailor Inner and Outer Seams $40

Custom items

Speak to our friendly staff for a quote.

Second Stitch
Second Stitch, Ethical sustainable clothing

Don't see what you're looking for?

Give us a call or pop in to have a chat about your alteration

Our seamstresses are skilled in everything from everyday repairs to custom alterations (03) 9354 2193 

Visit our Studio

Consultations and repairs happen on-site at our Coburg studio 4 days a week


1/377 Sydney Rd, Coburg 3058  

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Opening Hours

Wednesday to Friday:  
Sunday to Tuesday: 

9am – 5pm 
9am – 3pm 

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