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Custom Products

Production and customisation is another aspect of our Second Stitch studio that proudly supports women from refugee and migrant backgrounds.  

Second Stitch

We create high quality homewares and accessories through our CMT (Cut, Make & Trim) production service. 

We offer many services such as: 

  • Design consultation to help inform designs 

  • Pattern making 

  • Sampling 

  • CMT production 

We can happily help to create your own designs for your brand or an event. When sending a project enquiry to us, please ensure to provide as much detail as possible about your project. 

Things we like to know: product design/design spec (front and back), shape and dimensions, quantities, and details such as trims, zips, buttons and their sizes, colours, feature etc.  

We then work with client provided fabrics, trims and patterns, and our talented team will lovingly cut, stitch and construct the required trimmings to complete your products.  

Where possible we are happy to assist with product development.  Any sourcing, pattern drafting, product development and sampling will be charged at $80.00ph. Please see our full-service process, for more information and the fee structure for this service. 

We are always excited to try new products and explore creative and exciting collaborations, so if you have a project in mind, please get in touch

CMT Process

Initial consultation: Free 30mins (follow up consultations +$80ph) 

The Client provides: Design Spec, pattern and material (please ensure all fabric is pre-shrunk, washed and ready to cut) 

Sampling if needed (charged at $80ph) 

Second stitch provides: costing and timeframes 

Production is generally around a four-to-six-week turnaround (this will be confirmed at the time of booking.)  

Please note at this time we do not offer services for knit products. 

Payment is required at 50% on confirmation of project, 50% on project completion. 

Full-Service Process

We can happily assist you in a full production service including: 

  • Design consultation 

  • Creating a specification sheet  

  • Fabric sourcing 

  • Sampling  

  • Overseeing additional outsourced techniques such as printing  

  • Costing and timeframes 

  • Production 


Initial consultation: Free 30mins 

All elements of the full-service production, including additional are charged at $80ph. 

Production is generally around a four-to-six-week turnaround (This will be confirmed at the time of booking.) 

Custom Products Enquiries

What stage of develoment is your project at? Do you have ...

Thank you for your query - our production team will be in touch shortly!

Custom Products Form
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