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Found Fragments, Tinkered Treasure

An exhibition featuring jewellery made from repurposed materials, exploring themes of identity, reciprocity and our interrelatedness.

In September, Second Stitch hosted a series of workshops run by artist Minna Loft as a part of Radiant Pavilion's 2019 program. Over the duration of these workshops the six collaborating artists Kareen Adam, Afsaneh Ahmedian, Mary Lambert, Minna Loft, Sophie Moorehouse Morris and Ahila Ravinthira explored jewellery in the form of up-cycled and reclaimed materials

"Found Fragments, Tinkered Treasureis a multi layered project engaging a group of women to connect creatively and collectively through a series of workshops....This body of work presented as part of the Radiant Pavilion program is the result of these workshops, where the act of making has offered an opportunity for intercultural connection, collaboration, skill sharing and leadership."

The women invited the public to engage in the final two workshops, which coincided with the exhibition opening at the Second Stitch's studio. You can read more about the exhibition here.


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