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Lifting Spirits with Clown Doctor Coats

We've teamed up with the alley of clowns over at The Humour Foundation to produce their customised Clown Doctor coats.

Clown Doctors and our seamstresses are being paired up allowing a connection to form between the two. This beautiful pairing exposes our seamstresses to learn new processes and skills.

Working closely together on perfecting their unique coats — from the Clown Doctor’s design development submitted via a design form, to the pattern alterations — our seamstresses source all the components and tailor the pattern to the Clown Doctor's size.

Pockets are customised, collars are created, loud prints and embellishments are added, and of course, they can't forget the appliqué of each wacky clown name.

Every coat is unique to the Clown Doctor wearing it to ensure optimal Clown Doctoring magic.


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