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Empowering Textile Students' Careers through Industry Partnerships

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Practical training and industry partnerships can be life-changing for textile students. Suraya, a dedicated clothing and textile student, found an exciting opportunity through the Jobs Victoria program, which facilitated the collaboration between Second Stitch and Max Fashions. Let's explore Suraya's journey and how this partnership is shaping the future for textile professionals.

Suraya embarked on a four-week paid training at Mac Window Furnishings, made possible through the Jobs Victoria program. During this training, she gained comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in every step of the curtain-making process. Suraya quickly excelled in calculations and fabric lengths, becoming an invaluable member of the team.

Max Fashions, as an industry partner of Second Stitch through the Employment program, actively supports textile students by offering working opportunities and comprehensive training. Their commitment to employing more Second Stitch students demonstrates their recognition of the student's skills and dedication.

Mac Furnishings, with their involvement in the Jobs Victoria program, places a high priority on creating a safe and nurturing environment for their employees. They offer paid training opportunities and permanent positions to Second Stitch students, ensuring their growth and success.

Suraya's story exemplifies the positive impact of industry partnerships facilitated by the Employment support program. Second Stitch and Max Fashions empower textile students to gain valuable experience and secure rewarding careers. With the support and opportunities provided through the program, students can excel in the dynamic textile industry. Through partnerships like Max Fashions and Mac Furnishings, and programs like Jobs Victoria, the future looks bright for aspiring textile professionals.


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