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Staff profile: Rohini Spiller

Rohini Spiller is a recent graduate of our MST31022 Cert III in Apparel, Fashion, and Textiles. During her studies, she became a familiar face in our alterations team, where she volunteered every Saturday throughout 2023.

How long have you been sewing?

Many years. In 1994, I worked in a clothing factory as a machinist, making defence uniforms. I was proficient with all the machines and was eventually promoted to leading hand. However, after 7 years, the factory closed its production in Australia and moved overseas. Since then, I have been offering embroidery and alterations services from my home studio.

What do you love about Second Stitch?

I love how friendly the staff and customers are. The trainers are also excellent – it's a great work environment, but mostly I love doing alterations.

Do you have any special interests?

I have some hobbies like cake decorating and gardening, but I also love using my embroidery machine.

Rohini is a welcome addition to our very busy alterations team. Come say hi next time you're in!


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