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Our Seamstresses



Languages spoken ... 

I speak Arabic and English.

The country you were born in ...

I came from Iraq in 1998 as an immigrant.

Favourite food ...

I love the dolma in the Iraqi way. We use grape leaves and put in each leaf a mixture of rice and finely minced meat with finely chopped celery with spices and salt, and roll it so that it is small and put it in the pot and arranged in the form of circles. We put sauce and water on top until it is covered and leave it on the fire until it is cooked.

As for sweets, I like a sweet called Zarda, which is a mixture of rice, saffron, sugar, some nuts and water cooked together.

Favourite thing you like to make ...

I was in Iraq working as a civil engineer, but sewing was my favourite hobby, so I used to sew my sisters’ and my clothes. Sometimes I would also sew children’s clothes with new designs and send them as gifts to my friends.

Why do you like working at Second Stitch?

I love working in Second Stitch because I greatly appreciate the teamwork and cooperation, as well as the opportunities to develop my skills and share them amongst my colleagues.

What experience did you have working in textiles before you came to Australia?

What would be your dream job?

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